Monday, June 14, 2004


A quiet night, last night, in which Larry and I had some good food and discussed Kelly's poor cat, my niece's dance recital, the favorable economics of running a dance studio, pathological liars, the ambitions (or lack thereof) of friends and relatives, and my disappointment in the lack of loose-end tying in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, which I finally finished this week. I also learned something interesting about Larry, but since y'all weren't there to hear it, you miss out.

A stellar, probably record-breaking performance from Larry in the initial Jumble unscrambling, but a pathetic outcome overall, this being the second time in the year or so we've been doing this that we had to give up and look at the answer. Must be the bad juju given off by the PD's new PDQ section.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

lame haiku response 

Struggled to find words --
Kris did it so much better.
We will miss him much.

A Poem  

Fulton 6/6

With summer's first blast in the air,
A familiar group returns to its familiar lair,
As the night stretches near its yearly long,
This Sunday finds us at five strong.

Khaled is the first to offer an entertaining story,
It's full of raunch, he pre-warns Lori,
A man approached him and offered his wife to share,
To sell the deal, she bared her ass and her top pair.

Nick then proceeds to share his dream,
Of a game of the century for his favorite team,
He breaks down a mythical tilt between 'Cocks and Beavers,
We start as skeptics but wind up as believers.

We finish our meal and leave a fine tip,
And close with an unorthodox dessert of Indian chip dip,
Before too long, another Sunday night is through,
A good time is had by all, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jew.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Field Trip 

Transportation difficulties caused us to move the Sunday confab to Nighttown, where the service was worse than mediocre. (I reiterate that we do not get poor service from the Fulton, and that while being thrown a free round once in a while would be nice, it's not necessary to my continuing to like and patronize the place.) Tim bristled at the undercover patio section being nonsmoking, Larry tried to set his arm on fire and succeeded in setting the tablecloth on fire, Kris introduced us to Alexander, and I shared a story that illustrates the sheer idiocy of some members of the anti-choice movement.

Beyond that, I'm having a hard time recalling exactly what we talked about. A little help here?

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